Principals Association of
Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools

About Us

Mission Statement

The Principals Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools is the professional body which supports, educates and represents Victorian Catholic Secondary School Principals in their work within the mission of the Church.


The seeks to be:

  • An active and courageous witness in the mission of the Catholic Church.
  • A collaborative and dynamic association responsive to the professional and personal needs of Catholic Secondary School Principals.
  • A visionary and challenging body which advances the quality of education in Catholic secondary schools in Victoria.


The Values that underpin the are:

  • Faith and fidelity
  • Collegiality and service
  • Hope and joy


The will support by:

  • Providing support for Principals in their role as spiritual and educational leaders
  • Exercising a pastoral role in the life of Principals
  • Facilitating opportunities for professional dialogue
  • Actively contributing to the development of future Catholic leaders

Will educate by:

  • Fostering the professional development of its members
  • Providing information and advice to members and complementing the professional opportunities provided through other organisations
  • Facilitating the exchange of information on best practice and educational policy

Will represent by:

  • Providing industrial support and representation for its members
  • Presenting the views of Principals on key issues, policies and procedures
  • Contributing to the development of educational policy in Victoria and Australia
  • Providing representation of Victorian Catholic Secondary School Principals on various educational bodies